My LaCie Project – 30 TB HDD faster than SSD at super low price!!! HDD vs SSD Speed

Hello and welcome to my Lacie 30TB Project featuring the HDD vs SSD Speed battle.
We are going to test 10 external hard disks setup in stripped raid on USB 3.0! Will be using 10 units of the LaCie Porsche Design P9230 – External Hard disk, 3TB USB-3.0, see how they will perform.
Before the raid test, here is a picture with the single drive. As you can see, the speed for a single drive is great, around 200 mega bytes ,read and write. I am going to buy a 3 TB drive every week and test different setups, using USB 3 powered hubs so we can set up a 30 TB drive when this project is done. The cap speed of the USB 3 plug, is 625 MB,20150417_220436 testing this on my late 2013 iMac27 inch , we can get even up to 54 terabytes without affecting the speed limit. However, I am sure that after a few drives in raid we will start to loose performance, so we will keep track of everything.
On the disk utility you can see the 2 hard drives connected in striped raid, making the big 6 TB drive. We are going to test it right now, no more waiting. Will set up the stress level to 5 gigabytes , than we select the target drive, masterLacie, and get this started! Remember to like the video. That way I know you want to see the next level setup with 3 TB drives in raid. As you can see, we are getting great speeds, around 400 MB read and write , this is close to a SSD drive speed but remember, is a 6 TB drive. Next week I am confident we can beat the 500 MB, that means faster than most SSD’s. The fastest hard disk is the Lacie Little big Disk – on thunderbolt 2, but it costs 1199 USD. By the time I will spend 1200 USD on my project, I will have a 24 TB disk and I am confident I can beat that speed also , on USB3, not thunderbolt 2! I would love to test the thunderbolt daisy chain setup, in raid, but is not for my budget yet 🙂 , we will get there in time. Remember to like the video and visit my website , that will help with my project! More pictures will be added with the graphic representation of the raid speeds with several drives.

Here you will find the youtube video for this experiment.

Have a great day!