9TB Lacie 3 x 3TB HDD with SSD speed – low cost build

I have the picture also attached below. Sometimes it goes up to 600 Mb read and write , today was only about 560 Mb. Not the best storage solution but for sure is the lowest priced I could find if you compare the size and speed.
I do my editing from this setup and it works faster than my factory apple hybrid, on my late 2013 imac. DiskSpeedTest x3 raid0
Maybe someone else will be able to buy 4 of them and test them in raid 0, I decided to stop the project since it will not work to add more than 6 of them ( 4 over the USB and 2 from Thunderbolt to USB adapters). The speed of the entire setup will degrade a lot if I try to add 2 hdd’s on the USB 3 hub.

Enjoy. Have a great day.