6 TB HDD with SSD speed on RAID over USB 3 – HDD read / write speed test.


1 LaCie HDD – direct usb 3 connection


As promised , I will attach here the graph and pictures for the first test.
Stay tuned, in a few days I am going to test how much speed we loose by connecting the USB 3 HDD’s trough a USB 3.0 powered HUB.

First picture will show the HDD read / write speed test when connected directly to USB 3.0 on the iMac27 late 2013 model.

Right after that , we added 2 of them , in Raid, over USB 3 and you can see the result on the  2nd picture.

high speed raid 2 hdds

2 x LaCie HDD – stripped Raid over USB 3.0

Remember, they are connected directly, not trough the USB 3 hub, we will do that as soon as the hub will get here. You can see some great speed, all tests where around 400 MB / s, this picture is showing my highest result so far.
Can’t wait to get the 3’rd HDD and see how it dose, until than, you can also have a look at the graph I started ( yes, I do love graphs 🙂  ). See you next time and have a great day – 10x for your time!

Here you can see the video test : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpQBjSnoYNg

HDD's speeds in Raid over USB 3

HDD’s speeds in Raid over USB 3